Simply Celebrating Love

I love Valentine's Day, significant other in place or not.  Cynics will complain that it is a commercial ploy to sell more greeting cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, and so on. They ask "why do we need a special day to tell our loved ones we care?" "Why create so much intense pressure on everybody to get it right?"

My answer to all of those objections is simple.  For many people, Valentine's Day is that one opportunity each year to experience the traditional expressions of LOVE, where perhaps it is otherwise taken for granted.. It is the opportunity to connect with your loved ones, say "thank you for being in my life",  and on one specific day think in the present about the blessing of love in our lives.

Valentine's Day may have started long ago to celebrate "courtly love", but whether you have a S.O. or not, let's celebrate all forms of love--new love, old love, romantic love, familial love, friendship love, and even spiritual love.  Heck, in today's divisive times, let's simply celebrate the finest act of humanity in general...LOVE!  Happy Valentine's Day!